Critical Needs for Orphanages in the War Zone

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Hot needs of children from orphanages, boarding schools and centers for IDPs

As part of the program, the team of the Blagomay Charitable Foundation receives letters - requests from orphanages, boarding schools and centers for IDPs with their hot needs, ranging from food to cots and window replacement in children's institutions.

Children's institutions and centers for IDPs permanently need:
- food;
- medicines;
- hygiene products;
- household chemicals;
- heaters;
- freezers;
- electric generators;
- electric kettles;
- beds;
- mattresses;
- blankets, pillows;
- Linens;
- towels;
- stationery.

Your support is very important, because each of your donates is a contribution to the health and development of children deprived of parental care, as well as children and their parents who were left without homes and the possibility of earning as a result of the war.

Together we can give them a better childhood and future!



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