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"Girl Power" is a unique educational project for girls aged 13 to 18 from orphanages, boarding schools, centers for immigrants, from families with many children and low-income, disadvantaged families, who are the most unprotected and vulnerable part of society.

⚡️Our most important goal is to help girls find themselves, learn socialization, understand their rights and purpose in this world.

Every girl, regardless of the presence of parents, housing, problems, is unique and we want every project participant to understand this and be able to become the happiest person who will live in harmony with the surrounding world and herself. The project includes helping the girls in the legal field and in court cases, as well as examination, consultation and treatment thanks to our doctors, who are also project specialists.

It is very important for girls to have someone who believes in them and supports them. And they get this faith and support on our project.
The history of the project began in 2020, and we can already see the results of the girls, both in education and further steps of development. From the feedback, we understood that these girls will now be able to confidently achieve great results in life. And we are already proud of them!

In September, a project participant, an orphan child, wrote to us that she entered Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University at the Faculty of Economics and owes this to the project, and this is just one of many stories!

heart​​​​​​​This year, the project is gaining scale, it will be held in relatively safe cities of our country and in compliance with all safety standards of our participants. More than 320 girls will take part in the project.

Support them, because every donation you make is a contribution to the health and development of girls deprived of parental care.
Together we can give them a better future!