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The objective of this project is to establish accommodations for those, who have lost their homes and to provide them with free, safe, and comfortable temporary housing and the opportunity to recuperate.

Due to the hostilities taking place in Ukraine, over 11 million Ukrainians have been forced to leave their homes, half of those attempting to seek shelter abroad, and others seeking refuge in the central and western parts of Ukraine. A large number of internally displaced persons have lost the opportunity to earn money and the ability to afford rent, as well as there is simply not enough housing and vacancy available for the large number of people who are now left homeless.

Hostels and centers for migrants are overcrowded.  Single mothers, large families, foster homes, the elderly and other socially vulnerable groups suffer the most from lack of housing options.  The solution to this problem is the creation of temporary housing for those who are internally displaced.


A Modular Home a secluded compact furnished home of 14.5 m2 with electricity, a toilet/shower, and a septic tank to accommodate four people. Such models have a unique design, being able to withstand any weather conditions, with service life of up to 10 years. Due to ease of construction, these world class modular homes are the ideal solution for refugees within Ukraine.

What is a modular settlement?

A Modular Settlement Community is true safe haven for 400-1000 people, containing 100-250 modular homes on a territory of .5-3 hectares (1 - 7.5 acres) with reception, a first aid station, Wi-Fi, laundry, and warehouse storage for humanitarian aid.


- Preparation and planning

- Site Development

- Administrative set up

- Infrastructure establishment

- Provision of food and medical supplies

- Community Development

- Providing jobs

Within the framework of this project, it is planned to install 100 modular homes for 400 residents in the city of Nikolaev, Lviv region.

The cost of 1 modular home is 9790 €.

The cost of the entire project, which includes 100 modular homes, all infrastructure, communications, maintenance, the launch of the project and the work of community employees for 1 year, is 1.123.747 € or 34.836.157 грн