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The team of the "BLAGOMAY" charitable foundation received requests from our wards of orphanages, boarding schools and centers for displaced persons. Children in these institutions desperately need help for the winter period, these are rooms heaters, electric generators, warm clothes, blankets and shoes...

Children in orphanages often have weakened immunity and chronic diseases, so it is so important today to provide them with the necessary support and to provide everything necessary in the cold winter period. If you, like us, care about the fate of these children, support our charity program by making a donation.

Every contribution is very important, any amount will warm children without parental care this winter.

paypal:   https://www.paypal.com/donate/?hosted_button_id=LNQ72P9TS87TS

або на сайті фонду: https://charitymay.com/uk/how-to-help/make-donation


We appreciate your support!