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"The mission of the First Aid project is to provide immediate access to the Stop the Bleeding First Aid for all children of Ukraine. The installation of one first aid kit in an institution costs UAH 6,350, and training
one teacher (including consumables) costs UAH 1,700. A small price for the lives of Ukrainian children."

The purpose of the program
The Blagomai Charitable Foundation together with its partners created a project whose mission, first of all, is to place first-aid kits to stop bleeding in all DBST, boarding schools and other institutions where orphans and children deprived of parental care are educated, and to teach the educators of these institutions to provide first pre-medical aid quickly and qualitatively. Second, providing Ukrainian schools with everything necessary to save lives. During the war in Ukraine and during the period of constant daily shelling, every adult should be able and ready to help the victims.

Our partner "Union of operators and instructors of first aid and tactical medicine"