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The "First Aid Kit" project by the charitable foundation "Blagomay" and its partners, including the "Association of First Aid and Tactical Medicine Instructors," aims to provide every child in Ukraine with quick access to first aid kits to stop bleeding. In light of the current challenges faced by the country due to war and constant shelling, ensuring the safety of our children becomes critically important.


Organizing one training session for a caregiver, including providing expendable materials, costs approximately 1700 UAH, while installing a first aid kit in an educational institution amounts to 6350 UAH. These expenses are insignificant compared to the value of a child's life and the ability to provide urgent assistance in critical moments.


The main mission of the program is to install bleeding control kits in social-type children's homes, boarding schools, and other institutions where children without parental care reside, as well as to train caregivers in effective methods of providing first aid. Additionally, the program aims to equip Ukrainian schools with all the necessary equipment to save lives in crisis situations.


In this critical time, every adult in Ukraine should be knowledgeable and prepared to provide first aid, especially in situations requiring prompt response. "First Aid Kit" is not just a project about stopping bleeding; it is an investment in the safety and future of our children.


Now, as the country unites to protect its future, we urge everyone to contribute to this noble cause so that together we can ensure a safe environment for our most precious assets – our children.


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