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The mission of the "Medical Cabinet" is to provide children's homes, boarding schools, and rehabilitation centers with modern medical equipment and expendable materials necessary for providing first aid and disinfection, thereby creating a safe and healthy environment for residents. Considering that many of these children have weakened immune systems or chronic illnesses, the presence of high-quality medical equipment becomes extremely important.


The staff of these institutions make incredible efforts to create conditions that contribute to the happy lives of children and adults. As philanthropists, we have a unique opportunity to help them by addressing the financial and material challenges that hinder proper care.


Key needs include:

- Personal protective equipment to ensure the safety of residents and staff.
- Bactericidal wall irradiators and lamps to ensure room sterility.
- Contactless thermometers, quartz irradiators, and lamps for effective monitoring and disease prevention.
- Otoscopes, manual breathing bags, pulse oximeters, blood pressure monitors, and other equipment for examination and treatment.
- UHF therapy devices, stethoscopes, infusion stands - everything needed for comprehensive health care for children.


We invite you to join our initiative, make a contribution, and help create a better future for the children of Ukraine. Every donation you make contributes invaluable support to providing a safe and healthy environment for residents, giving them a chance at a happy childhood.


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