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This is a project that aims to provide orphanages and boarding schools, rehabilitation centers with the necessary equipment and consumables for the effective functioning of medical offices in them. Because these institutions do not have all the necessary equipment and consumables for the full provision of first aid to pupils and disinfection of medical offices.

Employees and educators of orphanages, boarding schools, and rehabilitation centers make every effort to create a full and happy life for their children, we - as philanthropists - can help them and solve all household issues related to insufficient funding.

Basic needs:

- personal protective equipment;

- bactericidal wall irradiators;

- bactericidal lamps;

- Non-contact thermometers;

- quartz irradiators;

- quartz lamps;

- otoscopes;

- manual breathing bags;

- heart rate monitors;

- Tonometers;

- containers for transporting and transferring bottles with biological solutions;

- Apparatus for UHF therapy;

- stethoscopes;

- tripods for infusions;

- and other necessary items for safe and comfortable examination, prevention and treatment of children.

Children in orphanages often have weakened immunity and chronic diseases, so it is so important today to create the safest possible conditions for them!

Together we are a force, let's unite for the future of Ukraine!



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