22% 75000 грн

Nowadays the problem of maintenance of medical offices in orphanages of Ukraine is urgent more than ever.

The “Blagomay” fund received some inquiries on necessary equipment for maintenance and disinfection of the medical offices.

They are as follows:

  • personal protective equipment;
  • bactericidal wall irradiators;
  • bactericidal lamps;
  • non-contact thermometers;
  • quartz irradiators;
  • quartz lamps;
  • otoscopes;
  • hand breathing bags;
  • heart rate monitors;
  • quartz lamps for therapeutic and prophylactic UVC irradiation;
  • tonometers;
  • packing-containers for transportation and transfer of vials with biological solutions;
  • UHF therapy devices;
  • stethoscopes;
  • infusion racks;
  • other necessities for a safe and comfortable examination, preventive healthcare and therapy.

Kids in orphanages often have weakened immunity and chronic diseases, that is why it is so important to create the safest conditions for them today.

Besides our fund is currently receiving inquiries on personal protective equipment for the doctors in the hospitals of Ukraine! You can help protect doctors in their fighting the virus!