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Girl Power Ukraine is not just an educational project but it's a life-changing initiative focused on empowering young girls from vulnerable populations in Ukraine. In the context of gender challenges facing the country, including gender-based violence, stereotypes, and limited opportunities for women in certain spheres of life, the project plays a critical role in addressing these issues. By providing girls with knowledge and tools to understand their rights, they become stronger, more confident in their abilities, and ready to actively participate in society's life.


The program encompasses various educational modules, from leadership and management to gender equality, providing girls with important knowledge and skills that are extremely valuable for their future. Intensive career orientation courses enable participants to explore new professional paths and educational opportunities that may have seemed unreachable before. This contributes to broadening their horizons and enhances motivation for learning and self-development.


Special attention in the program is devoted to supporting psychological well-being. Working with qualified psychologists helps girls better understand themselves, effectively cope with emotional challenges, and learn to build healthy relationships. This creates a strong foundation for their positive and harmonious future.


The impact of "Girl Power Ukraine" on the lives of its participants is already tangible. Success stories, such as participants gaining admission to prestigious Ukrainian universities, are a testament to the enormous potential they are realizing thanks to the knowledge and support they have received. This underscores the project's importance not only for the personal development of each girl but also for advancing gender equality and creating a more just society in Ukraine.


Supporting "Girl Power Ukraine" is an investment in the future of the country, where every girl has the opportunity to realize her potential and become an inspiration to others.


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