Girl Power Ukraine

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Girl Power is the first unique school in Ukraine for girls from orphanages. A unique educational project designed to combat negative social phenomena, such as gender discrimination and increasing respect for women's rights, vulnerable groups. The main goal is to increase literacy among orphans on gender equality, methods of combating violence, skills of choice of profession and financial independence and, as a result, increase the level of protection of the rights of orphans, girls and women.

In 2020-2021 alone, 80 girls from orphanages in Kyiv and 20 participants in online format from Khmelnytsky, Sumy oblasts and Mariupol took part in the Girl Power educational project.

In September 2021, the second larger-scale flow of the GIRL POWER UKRAINE project was launched with training in 6 cities of Ukraine: Lviv, Kyiv, Donetsk, Luhansk (Ukrainian-controlled territories), Nikopol, Zaporizhia.

🔹 4 streams of 20 girls.

🔹 One thread - 6 modules.

The offline and online course will include 6 educational modules on the following topics:

🟢 Reproductive health and sex education.

🟢 The rights of girls and women in overcoming domestic violence.

🟢 Self-education, increase of personal efficiency.

🟢 The role of women in society.

🟢 Development opportunities for girls in various fields, professions.

🟢 Leadership and career.

☝🏻 A total of 480 girls from orphanages and boarding schools across Ukraine will study during the program.

❣️The project is supported by the Democracy Fund of the US Embassy in Ukraine. Embassy Kyiv Ukraine and

❤️ You can also join the initiative and give girls from orphanages faith and inspiration in realizing their dreams by clicking on the "Help" button.

You can see how the educational modules took place by following the links: ta-new-known /