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As a result of Russian military aggression, the Chernihiv Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation was destroyed (damaged windows, doors, facade, gables, etc.) The current state of the center does not allow to resume work and return the pupils of the institution from evacuation. At the expense of the state budget, roof repair and window replacement are planned, but this is not enough to restore the center's operation. It is necessary to carry out complete repair works and provide comfortable conditions for 55 children deprived of parental care and orphans. After completion of the repair, the institution will be able to start its activities and will continue to provide the necessary assistance to socially vulnerable categories of children of the Chernihiv region. Support the program of the "Blagomai" charitable foundation by donating to the restoration of the Chernihiv Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation, because we cannot do without you. We believe that together we will be able to help restore the center, thereby providing social protection and the necessary assistance to children who need it.