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In connection with the outbreak of war on February 24, 2022 - when Russia attacked Ukraine and began to bomb cities, shell with artillery and occupy the suburbs - our team changed direction and focused on helping displaced people, as well as evacuating orphanages that were held hostage in cities and villages.


The evacuation of children and guardians was carried out abroad and to western Ukraine. Orphanages from more dangerous hot spots went abroad to be sure to be safe and wait out the hostilities in a calm place.

All these children and people went through a difficult path of evacuation and roads. Some have faced survivor's guilt, panic attacks and an intense desire to return home to their native walls, even in the presence of danger.


Being stressed, afraid and feeling helpless - they cannot sleep and function properly, adults cannot care for children, and children cry and act up.
Therefore, the team of the Blagomay Foundation took on the responsibility to provide their wards with psychological help and support.



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