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Full portfolio "from 1.08 to 30.09 2021.
Program #FullPortfolio

September 1 is a very important day on the way to gaining new knowledge and skills for boys and girls. Knowledge Day is a long-awaited meeting with a school for children from orphanages and boarding schools. For every student, the preparatory stage for school is a very anxious moment: the purchase of notebooks, office supplies, and especially school uniforms. We invite everyone to make preparing for school a simple and joyful stage.

Thus, we, the team of the Blagomai charitable foundation, are starting to prepare children for the school season by the Day of Knowledge. As part of the Full Portfolio program, we plan to purchase for children:

- backpacks;

- school inventory;

- school uniform for girls;

- school uniform for boys;

- shoes to school (shoes, sandals) for girls and boys;

- sportswear;

- sneakers;

- sports bags, etc.


Our main goal is to collect complete portfolios for the kids and create a really wonderful start to the school year.

Fundraising period: 1.08.2021 - 30.09.2021

We invite everyone to contribute to the education of children who have been left without parental care.


How can you join help?

- become a participant in a volunteer trip;

- install a charity box in the office space;

- provide financial support;

- to purchase and donate some of the necessary things or stationery;

- organize a joint action, etc.


Thanks to your help, hundreds of children will go to school happy. Moreover, such programs give children living in orphanages an understanding that they are needed, and they are remembered, and this greatly helps to form an open and friendly attitude towards the world and people.


Let's prepare children from orphanages for school time together!