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Very soon, the school year will begin in all schools.
Children living in orphanages and boarding schools, orphans and children deprived of parental care cannot purchase all the necessary things for a full education. That is why you and I can help children start their new school year with a complete set of everything they need: a backpack, school equipment, a sports suit, an embroidered shirt and sports shoes. This will not only allow schoolchildren to feel comfortable, but also solve a large number of everyday problems that arise due to a lack of funds for buying clothes. The cost of such a set for one child is 6,900 hryvnias.
The "Blagomai" Charitable Foundation offers you to join the provision of children's homes for the entire school year, that is, to become the benefactor who will help the child to feel on an equal footing with everyone throughout the school year. In this format, we plan to purchase an expanded set of items for each student: underwear, winter and autumn shoes, towels, T-shirts, shirts, jeans, and more. The amount of providing a child with everything necessary for the entire school year is 27,300 hryvnias.
Children from 96 orphanages in Ukraine believe in the goodness and caring of people.
Support them! Thanks to your help, hundreds of children will go to school happy on the first of September.
Every contribution is very important and brings happiness to the children and understanding that they are not alone in the whole world and have support)
Join good deeds and give children joy!

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online: https://charitymay.com/uk/how-to-help/make-donation