Give a family to an orphan

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In April 2021, Charity Fund “Blagomay” jointly with the Charity Fund “Change One Life” launched the project named “Give a family to an orphan”.
This project stipulates creation of the video-resumes for the children who live in the residential care facilities.
According to the data of the Ministry of Social Policy, in 2020 approximately 70 000 children live without parental care in residential care facilities for orphans all over Ukraine. This figure includes the orphans, as well as children deprived of parental care, and homeless children.

Yet the statistics regarding the graduates of the residential care facilities states the following:

🟢  90% are not prepared for the independent life,

🟢  50% of them get involved in the criminal rings,

🟢  23% become homeless people.

The best way to help such a child is to find a family to adopt this orphan.

🔻 4 different professionals are engaged into preparation and creation of the video-resume of one child, therefore, the cost of one video-resume accounts for 2500 UAH.


In such a video a child can tell about him-/herself a lot without the anxiety he/she feels when facing potential foster parents, for example.
Charity Fund “Change One Life” has already filmed 4309 video-resumes! Thanks to the efforts of the Fund, 905 orphans have already found their families.
Support the creation of video-resumes and help a child to meet his/her new family.

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