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Blahomay, together with GO FRIENDS IT ACADEMY partners, organizes an IT CAMP for children who are in difficult life circumstances.
From 31.07.2023 to 18.08.2023, an IT Camp will be held in the city of Morshyn (Lviv region), in which 35 children will take part.

IT professions are one of the most promising not only today, but also in the future. And we want to give orphans the opportunity to master them, so that they can not only reveal their talents, but also get a promising job.

That is why every year we hold an IT Camp, in which children learn to create an idea and describe it in a presentation, make an attractive design, learn the basics of programming and, at the end, present their own product.

This year, our IT Camp will be aimed at mastering modern digital professions, participants will study:
web design, copywriting, SMM, targeting, chatbot architect, marketing, website designer, Blockchain.

In addition, during their studies, children will learn the basics of leadership, time management, teamwork, communication, financial literacy, etc.

In August 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, we held 4 IT Camps of 12 days each for 360 children, which was attended by orphans, graduates of boarding schools and immigrants from Eastern Ukraine.

We will be grateful to everyone who will support our project and thereby change the lives and future of children for the better!



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