GIRL POWER camp 2.0

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GIRL POWER camp 2.0

10-day educational camp, with a daily training and development program for girls from orphanages, boarding schools, centers for immigrants, from large families and low-income, disadvantaged families, who are the most vulnerable and vulnerable part of society.

camp theme: You are the most valuable thing in this world.
Date: July 26 - August 4, 2023.
Venue: ILLARA country complex, Transcarpathian region, Khust district, Irshava city
Participants: 30 girls of the GIRL POWER UKRAINE project

The students of the camp will have the opportunity to delve into important topics, work through all the fears and attitudes that limit them together with the speakers, and get answers to questions that very often they have no one to ask.

They will undergo intensive training with the best speakers, deepen the necessary knowledge to acquire skills on the following topics:
•  Psychological protection and prevention of violence
• Girls' physical and psychological health
•  Gender equality
•  Proper nutrition
• Career and education opportunities for girls
•  Social activity and social connections
•  Management and leadership
•  Goal setting, how to manifest exactly your dreams and desires, gratitude and much more

The budget of the project is $ 19 484 (this includes accommodation and meals, payment of the team: counselors, a doctor, a psychologist; consumables for master classes and recreation, T-shirts, transport, administrative costs, a course on first aid)

Together, let's help girls find themselves, learn socialization, understand their rights and purpose in this world.



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