Factory of Miracles

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"Factory of Miracles" - we will help children warmly welcome winter

With the advent of cold weather, new needs appeared in children, which means that the annual program of the Blagomai Foundation "Factory of Miracles" has started!

During the New Year holidays 2021/2022, our foundation agreed with the heads of 87 orphanages in Ukraine, where more than 5,000 children live, really necessary and important gifts. They are so necessary for children, just like your concern. Indeed, on New Year's Eve, one so wants to believe in a miracle and spend the winter in warmth and comfort. And so that everyone's dreams come true!

We invite you to give the children such necessary warmth this winter and take part in the "Factory of Miracles" program, which this year is aimed at purchasing warm jackets and warm shoes for orphans.

How can you take part in good deeds to help orphans:

1. Individuals or legal entities can transfer the required amount for donations to the fund, for the further purchase of gifts for children for pre-agreed amounts for the selected needs.

2. Individuals can donate a salary for 1 working day or a selected bonus / bonus - this will be the amount of assistance. And also a legal entity (your employer company) can additionally double the amount collected from employees in order to be able to please more children.

3. Individuals / employees can write a statement to the accounting department that they agree to send, for example, 50 hryvnia (or any amount convenient for them) from their salary once a month for a regular charitable payment to the Blagomai fund for the selected program.

4. To attract clients and partners of the company to do good deeds on the eve of the New Year holidays, for example, regularly deduct% of the check for any financial transactions, these amounts will be transferred to the fund for further purchase of help for children.

5. Transfer the budget allocated for New Year's corporate gifts from the company to employees or clients / partners for the fund's program. To award all participants with a certificate: "You have created a New Year's miracle for an orphan child."