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In the face of modern challenges, every company seeks to provide proper support to its team, recognizing that employees are their most valuable asset. Since the beginning of the full-scale war, the charitable foundation "Blagomay" has become a reliable partner in supporting employees, working together with domestic and international companies. Our skilled lawyers and accountants have thoroughly studied all aspects of legislation to develop optimal solutions that allow businesses to effectively assist their employees.


Channels of assistance:
- Support from Ukrainian companies and their international parent companies.
- Fundraising by international offices to support Ukrainian colleagues.
- Company funds transferring assistance for employees.


Types of assistance:
- Financial compensation for lost or damaged housing.
- Purchase and delivery of basic necessities for employees.
- Direct financial assistance.


The Blagomay Foundation is verified by CAF America and collaborates with partner foundations in Germany, providing a reliable channel for international contributions. We are ready to carry out the necessary verification for your company to ensure that assistance is effective and targeted.


In these challenging times, we are confident that together we can overcome any difficulties, continuing to work for the benefit of employees and supporting the resilience of our community.


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