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200 000/1 500 000 13%

Remains to collect:

1 300 000

Now, more than anything, every company cares about its team, because people are the most valuable resource.

The Blagomay Foundation has been helping partners support their employees since the beginning of the full-scale war.

Our team of accountants and lawyers worked out the legal framework and prepared the most optimal solutions for a business that wants to support its employees in such a difficult time.

We have created a program thanks to which both Ukrainian and international companies can provide assistance to their employees.


👉Help is provided by a company in Ukraine or a parent company

👉 Teams of international representative offices collect and transfer funds to support employees from Ukraine

👉 Foundations of companies transfer funds to support employees


👉Help can be provided in the form of financial compensation for lost or damaged housing

👉Purchasing and transferring the basic needs of employees

👉 Cash financial assistance

In order to receive funds from international companies, the "Blagomay" fund has verification at KAF America and partner funds in Germany. We can also obtain verification that is necessary for your company.

In these difficult times, of course, we have to face obstacles, but every day we make sure that everything is possible for our indomitable Team. We continue to work, despite everything, for the good of people and help businesses support their employees in our native Ukraine.