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As part of the Clean Water program, the Blagomay Foundation installs water purification filters, as well as pays for their annual service in children's boarding schools in Ukraine. Access to clean drinking water is the key to healthy and full growth and development for every child. Reverse osmosis systems are currently the best way to obtain crystal clear drinking water. These are the systems we install in children's institutions.

At this time, the fund has already installed 17 water purification systems in:

🔹 Kindergartens "Orlyatko", "Cheburashka", "Teremok", p. Vyshneve (Kyiv region);

🔹 Crisis Center for Social Rehabilitation of Children "My Homeland", p. Khotiv (Kyiv region);

🔹 Orphanage. Gorodetsky, Boyarka (Kyiv region);

🔹 Boarding schools of I-II degrees, Boyarka (Kyiv region);

🔹 Center for social and psychological rehabilitation for children №1, Kyiv;

🔹 Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation for Children "Zlagoda", Bila Tserkva.

In these institutions, children already drink clean water, as well as eat food made from clean water. Before installation, mandatory laboratory analyzes of water are carried out in each specific institution and the equipment is selected according to the indicators. It is just as important how to install cleaning systems, regularly and timely replace filters and service the system. Therefore, we really need regular support for this program to pay for system maintenance in those orphanages where they have already been installed, as well as their installation in more orphanages.

Let's support healthy nutrition and proper growth of children!

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