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Blagomay HUB exists so that every child has his own space of safety, development and support.

Many children are now in difficult living conditions, and the war makes them even stronger.
War (danger, stress, restrictions) and the emergence of more "important" problems (military, humanitarian) have even more actualized the need for children in a safe space where they will be protected, have access to health and opportunities.

Therefore, we are creating the largest network of Ukrainian centers where teenagers from 13 to 18 years old can feel safe and receive all the necessary help, as well as a complex of important knowledge and practical skills for socialization and a better quality of life.

At Blagomay HUB, teenagers can receive comprehensive support and development, namely:

A place of peace, safety and care, where teenagers receive the necessary help and can take care of themselves and their health:

- Seminars and trainings on the topics of mental and physical health support, safety, self-defense and children's rights.
- Provision of psychological, medical and legal consultations, work with law enforcement and child welfare agencies.
- Practical classes on relaxation and meditation, self-defense, art therapy.
- Sports games that will allow teenagers to maintain physical activity, fall in love with sports and get a useful hobby.

A place of personal, general and professional development, with access to modern technologies:

- Seminars and trainings on the topics of the future profession, financial and computer literacy, modern technologies and the field of IT
- Summit bringing together teenagers and successful young entrepreneurs who will provide best business practices and mentoring support during the summit
- Practical classes with native English speakers, learning various crafts and useful skills (master classes)
- Developmental games and activities that teach teenagers leadership and improve soft skills in a playful way

A place of interaction with the world, participation in the lives of others and an individual approach to each child:

- Seminars and trainings on children's rights and overcoming domestic violence, the role of boys and girls in society
- Online and offline meetings in conversational format with opinion leaders and other influential people who will help with adaptation in society
- An online girls' club that teaches you to know your rights, personal boundaries and teaches self-defense techniques
- 5-day outdoor event with various activities for teamwork and socialization of teenagers.

Together with you, we can achieve great changes that will best affect the development of our Ukraine and achieve the following results:

1.  A safe space that serves as a point of support and a place of development for teenagers.
2.  Decreasing the level of gender discrimination and violence among adolescents.
3. We are creating a better future for Ukrainian teenagers with real actions today!

Join the Blagomay Hub project and help girls and boys find their way to a happy future!



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