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"Blagomay HUB" is a response to the pressing needs of Ukrainians for safety, education, and socialization in times of war-related challenges. This project creates unique opportunities for youth aged 13 to 18, especially those facing difficulties, by providing them with a place where they can feel safe and receive comprehensive support.

Through a wide range of programs, including seminars and trainings to support mental and physical health, legal consultations, as well as the development of professional skills and soft skills, Blagomay HUB contributes to the comprehensive development of teenagers. They learn to resolve conflicts, understand their rights, engage in physical activity, advance in education, and enhance leadership qualities.

The educational program of Blagomay HUB helps adolescents find their path in professions, motivates them to study and self-improve, and also provides access to modern technologies and language development. Social initiatives and team-building events outside the hub strengthen understanding and support among participants.


Blagomay HUB is more than just a project but it's an investment in Ukraine's future, where every child has the opportunity for development and the realization of their potential. The project reduces the level of gender discrimination and violence, laying the foundation for a healthy and successful future for Ukrainian youth.


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