Fund's Administrative Expenses per current month

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Have you ever thought where does a charity foundation get funds to run its operation activities?

The Law of Ukraine "On Charity and Charitable Organizations" provides with a definition of the "Administrative expenses" and states that their amount may not exceed 20% of the fund's revenues. Therefore, we allocate part of the incoming funds to support our current activities in accordance with the requirements of the said Law.

The work we do at the Charity Fund Blagomay always comes first for our team. Each of us devotes the maximum amount of time and gives his/her heart and soul to the fund. Each of us has a list of responsibilities and a working schedule. That is why this is the main activity for all of us. And thanks to the salaries we are paid, we can devote 100% of ourselves to the job we love, and solve any issues related to the activities of the Fund in a timely manner.

Blagomay does not receive funds from any political or religious organization, which is the reason we have created the "Administrative Expenses" program. It is necessary for the Charity Fund Blagomay to continue its work and to implement projects that improve the life of the children who live in the residential care facilities today, as well as provide them an opportunity to have a better future.

The funds gained by the program "Administrative Expenses" are allocated as follows:

🔹 salaries for the employees;

🔹 office rental;

🔹 utilities;

🔹 telephone services;

🔹 Internet;

🔹 legal Services;

🔹 audit;

🔹 translation;

🔹 web-site development;

🔹 employee training;

🔹 marketing and PR;

🔹 logistics;

🔹 stationery;

🔹 office equipment maintenance;

🔹 office administration and cleaning.


We prepare reports for each expense item and answer any questions that may arise from the donators transparently. We continue our constant and systematic work for the future of our country. We thank you for understanding the importance of the work of each of us! Together we can do more good!



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