Report on the expenditure of funds received during the Charity auction "I like to draw, too"

06.11.2013 it was purchased and transferred to Daacagvrino "Lovage" (p. Nowplus, Vyshgorod district, Kyiv region), namelyKanceljarskie, Printer, Wardrobe – 2 PCs ukrnerudprom Office – 4851.5 UAH. Wardrobe 2 PCs. - 7000 UAH. The printer and the container cartridge 2816.72 UAH. The total amount of funds allocated for the purchase of all the required to 14 667.7 UAH. The report added a photo stationery and printer, cabinets budotitane and assembled in the near future. Thanks to everyone who joined Charity auction "I like to draw, too", адже вони допомогли реалізувати потреби вихованців дитячого будинку.   Лінк на акцію тут

team of cf "Blagoy" !