The company "Syngenta" congratulated the children from the orphanage "Nadezhda" with the new year Holidays

In the month of December the orphanage "Nadezhda", sec. The slimy Brovary district, Kyiv region, wrote letters to Santa Claus with regards gifts for the New year. Staff Company Syngenta separately and entire departments embody children's dreams - from the singing doll and UNO games in SEGA consoles and mobile phones. Dec 25, 2013 a convoy of 5 cars downloaded fun of guests next to the children's home "Hope". As soon as everyone had gathered in the dining room and on the threshold appeared the Grandfather frost and the snow maiden, played by our employees Ksenia Kruglova and Sergei Klochko. With jokes, rhymes, poems and songs the kids one by one received long-awaited gifts. And what could be nicer than having a kid who gets a long-desired gift. Within an hour at the orphanage was running the machine on the control panel, run, boys with a sniper rifle and sounded pucanja dolls. After some time, the children were attracted by the bright colors and the brushes that were placed on the tables. And after 10 minutes all enthusiastically listened to the girls with Garna Gallery who enthusiastically shared with the children his ability to draw in the technique "watercolor-on-wet", and soon the paper began to appear real masterpieces. We sincerely thank all of the staff company Syngenta and Dasha korchevsky and Tanya even held the Tang with Garna Gallery for a wonderful holiday. Also, in December there was launched the project "Card of happiness" (with printing company "Guajiro" company Syngenta and Garna Gallery.) The children from the orphanage "HOPE", с. Мокрець, Броварського району, приготували для кожного новорічні привітання. Святий Миколай, веселі ялинки, усміхнені сніговики, подарункові автомобілі and мереживні снігопади ... все це діти намалювали саме для Вас. Всі малюнки були надруковані на листівках, які будь-який бажаючий може придбати в Garna Gallery or in the office company Syngenta. And all the money raised from the sale will go to the young artists ... and who knows, maybe thanks to Your support, a little heart to believe in goodness. Ми щиро хочемо подякувати нашим партнерам: поліграфічну компанію «Guajiro», а так само компанію Syngenta. More detailed PHOTOS — REPORT on FACEBOOK More detailed PHOTO REPORT on VK [gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="2"] Sincerely, team of cf "Blagoy"!