Read the 7th issue of the Journal "БлагомайMagazine"

Dear friends hurry to share great news. Our magazine БлагомайMagazine you can already read the electronic version on the website BF Blagami Brief table of contents: Interview with Natalia Walewska — Ukrainian singer, winner of the award "Crystal microphone" in the nomination "National recognition of the year", winner of a Gold star Alla Pugacheva Interview with Natalia Okunskaya – socialite, a successful model and a mother of four children. Expert opinion about fears and phobias - Nathalia known practicing psychologist, doctor of philosophy, trainer of personal growth, vip-expert of STB. Interview with Pavel Morozov, a co-owner of restaurants Pills and Onegin in mstke Interview with Viktor Andrushchenko — doctor of philosophical Sciences, honored worker of science of Ukraine the Article is about poaching Rubric traces of kindness Article — поколінняfacebook article about the most famous annual charity events of the year