Charity seminar "Skin Solution" together with cf "Blagoy"

Dear friends, company "Skin Solution" in Association with the Cf "Blagoy" charity seminar for graduates in the field of cosmetology. Pre-registration is required! Plan of the seminar 1. Non-injection biorevitalization method "of Re-Regce" ("Pre-puncture"). 2. The use of homeopathic cocktails of mesotherapy. The treatment of acupuncture points. 3. Correction of face oval and face shape with the use of homeopathic, allopathic meso -, cocktails, serum ionized under the machine. 4. A session of mesotherapy scalp. 5. Elimination peroral hernias with metabolic mezokokteyl. Alternative direct and indirect lipolytics are. Local obesity. Obesity in the body. Minimization of Stryi. 6. Low back pain. Disorders of the joints. Hip, knee coxarthrosis. Sports injuries. 7. The solution to the problems of varicose veins. Rosacea. Bruising under the eyes. Sponsor companies: SKINSOLUTION (Germany), SIMILDIET (Spain), TEGOR (Spain). The price of the seminar - 50 UAH. All money raised will go to purchase sports equipment and supplies to the orphanages of the city of Kiev. The purpose of the Program "Sport-focus": to help orphanages, orphanages of family type and centers for socio-psychological rehabilitation of children in Ukraine in solution of problems of organization of events of cultural activities, sports and recreation for children-orphans, find volunteers and sponsors for their conduct. The purpose of the "Full portfolio": collect stationery for orphans and children in difficult life situation, deprived of parental care and living in orphanages / boarding schools. Our task is to add colors in life of children-orphans, to make it brighter, using every opportunity! Children deprived of home warmth and parental care are the same kids as their "home" sverstniki. An extra bonus for You: at the seminar You can purchase products with a 10% discount and also get a cumulative discount card in the opening discount of 3% on subsequent purchases of products of these manufacturers. After the seminar diploma. Detailed information on participation in the seminar can be found on the website of the company SKINSOLUTION - Seminar reading: Senior researcher HNA Trubacheva Elena; head of the school of "Syndicate beauty", a Senior technologist of the company "SkinSolution" Yalova Nadezhda In our hands to make the world not only beautiful, but also a little bit happier !!! Date: Oct 26, 2013 Day of the week: Saturday Time: from 10.00 to 17.00 Address: Zabolotnogo 150-A, of.113, (6th floor) Tel. (044) 222-53-10 (097) 938-05-03 (098) 892-71-89