26.10.2013 trip to the orphanage "Cheburashka" (PGT. Rakitnoe) in the framework of the program "Children's Yoga"

26.10.2013 there was a trip to the orphanage "Cheburashka" (SMT. Rakitnoe) programme "Children's Yoga". That was another exciting journey into the world of children's yoga program Charity Fund "Blagoy" in the orphanage Cheburashka! It has carried out a wonderful girl, an experienced yoga teacher and leader The Studio of health psychology Feel Goood Anastasiya Gogoleva. Anastasia's impressions about the trip: "Through yoga, we assessed the capabilities of the human body to take all possible (asanas), which require strong arms and legs, a flexible body with a good stretching and basic coordination. After the lesson, we practice memory and speed of reaction with a few games. We hope that our experience will inspire the kids and often take to strengthen your body and mind to become healthier, stronger, smarter and most importantly to the joy of their capabilities and skills," — Anastasia shared her impressions of the trip. Charity Fund "Blagoy" expresses gratitude to all participants of the trip!:) More detailed PHOTOS - REPORT on FACEBOOK More detailed PHOTO REPORT on VK IMG_7301 IMG_7298 IMG_7262 IMG_7261 On options for donations to the program "Full portfolio" you can see HERE if You represent a legal entity, the Fund can sign an agreement with You about the charity activities, an example of which can be downloaded HERE. You can also place a banner of the Fund on the website, banners can be downloaded HERE. Sincerely, team Blagami!