22.12.2013 trip to the orphanage "Nadezhda" (the skvirsky district, Kyiv region) within the program "Factory of miracles"

22.12.2013 there was a trip to The orphanage "Nadezhda" (Skvyrs'kyi R-n, Kiev region) in the framework of the program "Factory of miracles" In it participated: Julia - charity cars and beautiful soul man, the volunteers of the trip - Helen Shevchenko, Borisenko sarin, Julia Galas, Natalia Smetanina, Topeka Olga, Igor and Olga Topeka Yulia impressions from the trip: "I'd like to start the trip report with the words: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Guys! All who have contributed to today's event! Without You, this wonderful event would not have happened! All the toys were Rosmalen babies in seconds!! Someone took it for a blouse, someone right on the spot started to collect puzzles ..... and the boys!!! When I saw the wheel!! I had a blast!! Thanks to Sergey Kovtonyuk, our lovely instructor! Serge, the rollers also immediately went for a fitting! Thank you! Who gave transformers? Thank you! It was also a hit! And even Barbie! God, it was something to see!! Our men, well done, made the bed for dolls, though it was not easy))) Now Barbie has a kitchen and bed!! And even dresses!! And purse)))) in General thanks for Everything!!! Helen Shevchenko, Borisenko sarin, Julia Galas, Natalia Smetanina, Olga Topeka and others (forgive me if someone didn't mention!), You have created it! The donated money we bought: cookies, candy, fruit, gifts, stationery, soap, socks all the kiddies, Laundry detergents (can still that forgot). ... Of course it was yoga, there were games, contests, soobrazil, books, and more .... This time we went, the couple, Igor and Olga Topeka! Psychologists and just cool guys! They took the children on the game "Tale" - the kids have been not looking to get pictures of logs, and in accordance with what was seen to write on the go (!) The fairy tale! It was interesting to all! And children, teachers and us)))) Well, the psychologists, they know how to interest the listener)))) THANK you! We had Metal (my son), so here it is! He didn't want to go! The atmosphere in the orphanage home! )) Good-natured teachers and cooks! We were treated to tea, biscuits and good mood! It was a great trip! "Thank TM "Krymskaya Liniya", which gave children a piece of beautiful handmade soap. As part of the Christmas program "Factory of Miracles" 13 children were given sets of towels (2 bath + 2 for the face) Thanks to the participants for gifted children warmth and joy! More detailed PHOTOS - REPORT on FACEBOOK More detailed PHOTO REPORT on VK Sincerely, team of cf "Blagoy"!