21.11.2013 trip to the Center socially-psychological rehabilitation of children in Kopylov (Makariv distr., Kyiv reg.)

21.11.2013 there was a trip to Center for social and psychological rehabilitation of children in Kopylov (Makarov district, Kiev region) in the framework of the program "SPORTS Focus". It was attended by Alevtina – lecturer against alcohol and tobacco addiction. Impressions of the trip: "Children are wonderful, but because of their life circumstances many of them have already started to copy its not very responsible parents: some have constantly smokes, who occasionally drinks... I understand that some conversations are there to help impossible, especially since almost all the videos and movies about the dangers of alcohol and tobacco they have seen, that doesn't stop them. Of course, not all of them are. A lot of very wise, and they clearly heard what I wanted to convey to them his conversation on the subject of the harm of tobacco and alcohol dependence. But I would like to hear more...)) " Charity Fund "Blagoy" thanks Alevtina for the wonderful journey and the conversation with the kids! On options for donations to the program "SPORTS Focus" you can learn HERE if You represent legal entity Fund can sign a contract with You about charity activity, sample of which you can download HERE. You can also place banners on your website, banners can be downloaded HERE Sincerely, Team "Blagoy"