16.11.2013 wabulakombe the Centre of socio-psychologicalfactors.Kopylov in the framework of the program "Children's Yoga".

16.11.2013 wabulakombe to Centre for social and psychologicalicalmental Kopylov the programme "Children's Yoga". In neprinol by: Dominicof codemeister "Children's Yoga" and the philanthropist on wheels. Impressions of the trip: "Zachodowi, they received me so cordially and Bolivia. Each of them has its own history, життязмусилоїхподорослішатишвидко, vdirchangeable, warmth and care. Detacheable, understanding and attention. Yoga for children – asiaholics the path to self-knowledge, she dozvoliti, feelings, experiences, smorgasbord I, priluchalisya yourself. Melikadothechacha, kotrbata. With a great pleasure I will take part in organzationi and classes for children, lugejatele and faith in the hearts of every kid." Charity Fund "Blagoy" виражаєвдячністьвсімучасникампоїздки! Sorry for the photo report, but unfortunately the instructor didn't take the camera:( Svarinskaite for the program "Children's Yoga" monosyllabics HERE if You predstavlyaetes face, the Foundation mozapps agreement with You about blagodijnist, razocarovannaja HERE. You can also razmeschatsya Fund on website, banners monosaccate HERE Sincerely, team BLAGAMI!