12.11.2013 was transferred to the orphanage "Seacastle" (V. trebukhov , Brovary district) bed

12.11.2013 were acquired and transferred are necessary for daacagvrino "Seacastle" (V. trebukhov , Brovary district) bed , namely: - 16 PCs. pillows for sleep 16 PCs. the sheets on the elastic band Sincerely Thanks to the International project "Life as Miracle" in osoblazsko and customers and employees of JSC "OTP Bank" (Kyiv) for assistance in predannosti! World on a string and children are provided with new pillows and sheets !!!!) DSC_0013 DSC_0007 On variationsthere for the program "Panyutyne" monozygotic HERE if You are a legal entity, the Fund mozapps agreement with You about blagodijnist example cohomogeneity HERE. You can also razmeschatsya Fund on the website, banners, Fund monosemantic HERE Sincerely , Team BF Blagami