12.01.2014 trip to the Center socially-psychological rehabilitation of children in Kopylov with the first lesson in Taekwondo

12.01.2014 there was a trip to Center for social and psychological rehabilitation of children in Kopylov with the first lesson in Taekwondo In it participated: Alya Kuharchuk - organizer of activities for kids, Vitaly - instructor of Taekwondo Alevtina impression about the trip: "Mand with Vitali Litvinenko (black belt Taekwondo)))) start regularly (not frequently, but I believe regular training in Taekwondo for boys from two orphanages. One that the village mokrets Brovary district, the other in the village Kopylov, Makarov district. believe, it is happiness. I am so grateful to Vitaly for what he does not regret his time and effort to make these, often, aggressive (because nedolyublennosti parents) boys, gradually become soldiers. I saw today this transformation. it was just ... mind is just pretentious words that will accurately convey the essence of the process, I think))) Here always knew that words are but small and very limited system of information transfer)) And we are all boys that wish to engage in Taekwondo, buy a kimono and give key rings with a kimono and a black belt. And we have plans to carry boys on the certification on the belt (that was an incentive for training), and in General a lot of plans. Believe that we all embody. Vitaly was invited along two wards of boys from Kiev to show their skills (they are red zones on the pictures) and also stimulated the boys from the orphanage to the "exploits" in the development of martial arts. " Thank you for the attention and care given to the kids during class! More detailed PHOTOS - REPORT on FACEBOOK More detailed PHOTO REPORT on VK [gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="2"] Sincerely, team of cf "Blagoy"!