Social rehabilitation center “Ark” (Puscha-Voditsa)

Social rehabilitation center “Ark” (Puscha-Voditsa)
Social rehabilitation center “Ark” (Puscha-Voditsa) was established by Ukrainian public charity foundation “Parents’ care” in 2000. It is situated in a beautiful corner in Puscha-Voditsa. It’s founders are Jane Height and Barbara Clyber.

ü Social rehabilitation center “Ark” is an organization of social protection of children of non-governmental ownership.
The center acts according to the Code, the main aims of it are:
Social protection, educational work and psychological rehabilitation of children aged 6-18 who found themselves in difficult life situation;

ü Support in providing complex social, psychological, educational, medical, legal and other types of help on individual and family levels.

Employees of the center treat children with parental care by educating them. We understand that family circle helps a child to develop better, that’s why we work with biological parents to return the child back to the family. Unfortunately, some children were in danger at home. Such children are placed in family groups, family type orphanage homes or adopted.
Adress: 04075, Kiev, Puscha-Voditsa, 7th line, Gamarnika str., 40.
Number of children is 24 (aged 4-17).