Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation of Children "Zlagoda", Bila Tserkva

There are about 50 disadvantaged families and 30 minor kids registered in the district.  All these children need help and rescue. Therefore, it is a long-felt need at least temporarily to take children off some indifferent drinking and dissolutive parents. While the children staying at the rehabilitation center, where they have get food, dress and tuition, employees of the Center are calling for prudence of such moms and dads to change their mind and to settle down, so giving the chance for kids to go back in a socially healthy and normal family.
Address of orphanage:  Pushkinskaya street 29, White Church, Kyiv region. 09104
Contact Number:  045-63-99-055
Number of children: 18 people (age 3-17 years)