SOSH (Special general school-boarding school) No. 18 for children with reduced sense of hearing (hard-of-hearing), Troeshchina (Kiev

Children with various hearing disorders at the age from 5 to 18 from throughout Kiev region live and study at this special boarding school No. 18. Orphan children, children deprived of parental care and children who have been diagnosed with infantile cerebral paralysis in addition to hard-of-hearing receive training together with ordinary children. There are teaching and bedroom blocks at school. At this boarding school everything is made for children to develop as full-fledged personalities as well as to receive education. There are groups «Handiwork», «Drawing», «Swimming» etc. Among school graduates there are Ukrainian and world champions in many sports including basketball and swimming that is confirmed by the board of rewards and cups in the office of school principal.

No less gifted children, than at any other education institution, are taught within the walls of boarding school for deaf and hard-of-hearing children. By virtue of fate and nature circumstances beyond our control these children are deprived but we are confident that our care will help them to compensate for this loss. It is important that they feel like full members of our society. Children deprived of capability to hear must be confident that we hear them!

Boarding school address: Kiev, bulvar Petrova, 23 02125       

Contact number: 044-542-46-06

Number of children: 200

Number of teachers: 70