Kyiv Regional Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation of Children "Oberih"

The main objectives of the Center are:
providing children with complex social, psychological and pedagogical, medical rehabilitation;
creating conditions for the restoration of the physical and mental health of students, the comprehensive development of children’s abilities;
providing conditions for multi-educational training program appropriate level (pre-school, general secondary);
Fostering children’s own position in life to overcome the habits of antisocial behavior;
the implementation of labor adaptation of children with regard to their interests and capabilities;
conducting health-preventive measures;
prevention and correction of deviations in mental development of pupils and their social adaptation; the formation of vital competence in children, preparing them for future independent life, adaptation and socialization of students to «open society.»
Address 1-corpus: 09700, Kyiv region., Bohuslav, st. 40th Pobedy, 8
Number of students: 33 children aged 5 — 15 years

Address 2-corpus:  Kyiv region., Mironivskiy district, Emchiha village, Lenina str. 1
Number of students: 13 children aged 5 — 15 years
Contact telephone number: 0 (4561) 5-14-58