Family Type Children’s House of the Vovk family


Kiev Children’s home of the family type of the Vovk family was established in 2006.

«I am a mother and a mentor Valentina Vasilyevna independently bring up 9 adopted children and after the death of the biological daughter of a small grandson. 7 children already live independently. We are constantly visited by us on weekends. In December, three more children go to live their own lives. Our family is very friendly. All children are very talented.

In December, we expect a replenishment.

Boys: Alex 15 years. Sergey is 13 years old and Danja is 7 years old.

And the girls: Julia 14 years and Marinka 11 years old.

Now we have such a family «: Miroslava is 22 years old. Dmitry is 19 years old. Roman is 17 years old. Emilia is 17 years old. Philip is 13 years old. Anastasia 14, Illa 12 years old. Tamila is 12 years old. Bogdan is 10 years old and Matvei is 6 years old.

Still there is a biological son of Maxim.


Address: Kiev, st. Bastion 3/12.

Quantity: 9 children.