Family-Type Children's Home of the Khutornyy Family, Kyiv


n 2002 our family consisted of daddy, mommy, two sons and a girl –Allochka. She was 4. Mommy wanted a girl badly and just couldn’t pass by this tiny angel, who needed help. Alla brought harmony and joy the family needed so much.
That’s why when we were proposed to organize family type orphanage home we didn’t think long. We already had positive experience of living with adopted child and we started enthusiastically.
We created family type orphanage home in 2006. There were many high’s and low’s, joyful tears and just tears, success, achievements and now we have a family with 20 children.
Many of them have already grown up and live their own life, but they do not forget parents’ home, where they are always welcomed with warmth, understanding and love.
10 children live in our family now. Among them are Alla (18), Yulia (18), Katia (17), Тania (15), Katia (13), Аnia (11), Dima (15), Dionis (14), Dima (14), Serejha (13). We are expecting another boy closer to New Year.
Because of increase in prices and privileges reduction our family is not able to meet all the children needs. That’s why we are kindly asking you for help. We would highly appreciate any help from caring people.
Our needs are the following:
Bosch washing machine for 9 kg because of numerous washings
household chemical goods (washing powder, cleanser, bleaching agent, spot removers)
one bicycle for children for country house
tulle and curtain for a big window in children’s room
Microwave oven