Children's Home "Cheburashka", Rokytne village, Bila Tserkva district

In urban village Rokitnoe, Bielotserkovski district, Kiev region there is the children house “Cheburashka” which is municipal institution for orphan children and children without parental care and where 31 children age 4-17 years live.

All children are very talented and creative, they try to develop themselves in that way which they like the most and what comes the best (e.g. to sing, to dance to sculpture, to paint, to sew, to poetize etc.)

There are many different children’s diplomas for participation in different contests.

There is the art circle in the children house, where the most necessary stationary are gouache, water-colour, brushes, sketchbooks, crayons, copybooks, plasticine, paste, highlighters.

As well as children paint awesome, some of them also sing well, like our Ukrainian singers, sometimes even better!

One boy poetizes like famous Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko.

In children house there is also a computer room.

The system of attending the computer room in the children house is planned in a way children don’t spend so much time there and all children have the opportunity to use it (there are 3 computers there).

There is a schedule, which provides encouragement in additional time during the weekend for good behavior.

Graduates of the children house often enter the technical schools, institutes of higher education, there are photos of graduates in the hall.

As principle says, with administration together they try to help with future accommodation (this problem is very relevant for children, who leave children houses/boarding schools/orphan houses.

Address or children’s house: 14, Entuziastov St., Rokitnoe, Bielitsrkovcky district, Kiev region. 09600

Phone number: (04562)6-11-33

Number of children: 9 people