WOW Kids Camp - 7

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Wow kids camp 7 is an 8-day camp with a daily training and development program for teenagers from orphanages in Ukraine.

Goal of the camp:
To give participants a deeper understanding of all the details of the topic
"Health that is not talked about", to reveal their potential, to provide the necessary skills for further practice in life, to encourage them to reveal their possibilities.

Participants will learn about:
1. Sexual health: proper hygiene and body care, protection against AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections, talking about healthy relationships and consent.
2. Mental health: understanding and managing emotions, developing positive self-esteem, identifying and preventing depression, anxiety and stress. Meditations.
3. Healthy lifestyle: regular physical activity, proper nutrition, sufficient sleep, avoidance of bad habits (smoking, alcohol, drugs).
4. Reproductive health.
5. Sexual orientation and identity health: supporting and understanding the LGBTQ+ community, identifying and preventing discrimination and violence.
6. Cyber safety and health: avoiding the harmful effects of the Internet and social networks, the safety of online communication and the use of personal data.
7. Body health and medical self-sufficiency: the ability to perform first aid, prevention and treatment of simple diseases, understanding the importance of regular medical examinations.

The project budget is: $ 20 148 (including accommodation and meals, payment to coaches and organization, T-shirts, transport, administrative costs, first aid course)

Support children of orphanages and boarding schools, make your contribution to their fate.
Together we change the world for the better!



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