WOW Kids Camp


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As part of the WOW Kids educational program, the Blagomai Foundation organizes WOW Kids Camp - 2 for 30 children from orphanages and boarding schools aged 13 - 17 years from February 17 to 23, 2020.

The previous camp will not be helped by the camp - professionals in their field Young Winners

The result of training in the camp was the realization of their strengths and abilities, the disclosure of creative potential and a powerful charge of energy.

Children have learned to set achievable, real and close goals, focus on the main thing and will effectively allocate their time.

This time the Watermelon team became the organizers of the camp.

Laegre will be held in the village. Puff at the Base "Ftuna"

The theme of the camp is "Resources: money and energy"

The project budget was 360,000 UAH, including transfer, meals, accommodation, supplies and organizational costs, the cost of coaches and camp counselors.

Together we can help children from orphanages reach their potential!