26.10.2013 trip to the Center socially-psychological rehabilitation of children in Kopylov, the program "Children's Yoga"

26.10.2013 trip to the Center socially-psychological rehabilitation of children in Kopylov the programme "Children's Yoga". It was attended by Olga Marushchenko – the representative of the Fund, Dominica – чудовий майстер "Дитячої йоги». Olga's impressions from the trip: "This is not my first visit to the orphanage...but it was the most memorable!! Leaving in the morning on the street, I plunged into the thick fog – so thick that it became difficult to breathe. The feeling of loneliness, fear and sadness – all this found immediately! Wanted heat emotional, sincere, and thought about the upcoming trip – the only thing that warmed me, gave hope, gave the feeling timid, but sincere joy! Arriving to the destination, we Domenicos – girlfriend that is long as a volunteer visits these children and gives them lessons with yoga, immediately drowned in the sad quiet blue-green eyes Bogdanenko – boy, who recently arrived!!! A few minutes of work, which, if paid to a child filled her with joy, hope and faith in good people!!! And this inspired us, we once again realized that attention is the most valuable thing we can give to children, the most essential resource that helps them to adapt to survive the stress, frustration, strengthen the power of the spirit, belief in themselves! Yoga is also attention, the energy exchange with children is an opportunity to relax, to forget about who you are, where you are...honestly, seeing a energetic, different, restless children, even to imagine how organized, focused and inspired they will carry out all the exercises, listen to the masters, to try and hone your skills! Thank you Dominic master of yoga! It is his openness attracted children, managed to attract attention, helped them cope with fears and shyness, podelilas his sincerity, surround with care each of the pupils, daruwala attention and affection!! From the Assembly hall the children grew stronger, calm, excited and happy! And sincere gratitude that we saw the look of each pupil, is the most important, most valuable thing that can bring us the universe! Виражаю безкінечну подяку Доменіці, Фонду "Благомай» за можливість підтримати діток, яким трішки менше пощастило в цьому житті!!!» Благочинний фонд "Благомай» виражає подяку всім учасникам поїздки!:) More detailed PHOTOS-REPORT on FACEBOOK More detailed PHOTOS-REPORT on VK vPH1I7AwzC4 p3EzWIv1nYQ K8kE36D2lxo doGzOVyndLM On options for donations to the program "Full portfolio" you can see HERE if You represent a legal entity, the Fund can sign an agreement with You about the charity activities, an example of which can be downloaded HERE. You can also place a banner of the Fund on the website, banners can be downloaded HERE. Sincerely, team Blagami!