Helping animals

The Fund provides assistance to shelters for animals and rare endangered species of animals living in Kiev region of Ukraine.

The aim is to prevent the degradation of the planet’s natural environment and achieve harmony between man and nature.

Below please find a list of animal shelters with whom we work and list their needs:

1. Gostomel animal shelter
Address: 213, Lenin str, Gostomel
No. of animals: 700 dogs and cats
a) Medicine:
-Roncoleukin; (500 000 in 1 package, 5-20 packages);
-Anfluron; (10 ml vials);
-Vaccine Nobivac DHPPi, Duramune.
b) Household needs:
-Bucket (solid plastic);
-Plastic brooms;
-Plastic shovels;
-Muzzles of different sizes;
c) They are building refrigerator-room to freeze big amounts of food and need UAH30 000,00 for that.
g) steel net for animal aviaries.

2. Animal shelter “Pirogovo”
Address: 186-a, Krasnoznamennaya str,  Kiev
No. of animals: 1,000 dogs and 150 cats.
a) Dry food for cats (any producer)
b) Medications:
-Amoxicillin, 15% bottles of 100ml;
-Ceftriaxone, 0,5  g and 1,0 g.;
-Katozal, 100ml bottles;
-Timalin, 30 g. ampule;
-Non-sterile gloves,
-Bandages, gauze, wadding;
-Glucose solution, Ringer’s solution, sodium chloride solution, 200 ml and 400 ml;
-System for infusion;
-Syringes of 2 ml and 5 ml
c) Household needs:
-Old-clothes in rags, sheets for bedding;
-Mattresses for cats
-Brooms, mops.

3. Charitable Fund “Sirius” hospice
Address: Kiev region, Vyzhgorodska route, farm Petrivskiy.
Number of animals: 1,300 dogs and 92 cats
a) Dry food for cats (any producer)
b) Medicine:
-anti-virus serum GLOBFEL, VITAFEL;
-Ceftriaxone, 0.5 g and 1.0 g.
-Antiseptic spray for wounds’ treatment;
c) Household needs:
-Metal bowls (basins) from 5 to 13 liters.
-Fabric to cover aviary, width of not less than 2 meters and length as long as possible;
-Drops for fleas and ticks (bars, advantix)
-Toys for dogs and cats.