«Good is eternal, the ultimate goal of our lives. If we understood the good, our lives is nothing like a good desire «( Leo Tolstoy )

If you would like to leave this world should be their good works make the world at least a little bit better

genuinely help those who need it so ,
share your joy with the children who live with parents
gift from the heart a little bit of your love to those who it is not enough,

Then join the team of volunteers Charity Fund » BLAHOMAY «!

Who are the volunteers ?

Volunteers — people engaged in charity work in the form of free works, services ( voluntary activities) and aim to contribute to the implementation of socially significant projects. Volunteers are voluntarily , understanding the need to help certain groups of people , working for the benefit of the public. The motivation to volunteer is not monetary compensation , and the desire to help.

Request to volunteers:

  1. The team needs volunteers responsible , honest, sincere, sociable, proactive personality. People who are eager to endeavor to give !
  2. Do not take emotional decisions , decisions must wake sensible , reasonable and accepted by common sense. Clearly define your features and schedule, in which you can help.
  3. It is important to understand and choose the direction in which you can most effectively help. Not dissipate at all kinds of problems do any better , but very good.

If you decide to become part of a team of volunteers, please fill out the form , which is here so we can get to know and discuss the details of what direction you will be able to assist the work of the charity fund.

Volunteer Jobs :

The driver and his car (passenger / cargo )

Travel to Orphanages Kiev region. ;
Haul : bags of things , food and trainers ;
The cost of gasoline offset ;
Employment 1-2 times a week;

Technical Support Specialist website:

Adding new info articles, videos ( provides marketing information );
Add / remove fields , buttons , fonts , pictures , etc.
Employment : 1-2 times a week for 1-2 hours ( out of office );
IMPORTANT : to have the skills to work with WordPress;

Copywriter / Journalist to work with the site :

Create press releases of past events ;
Writing news;
Writing » realizing » articles to help children from orphanages ;
Handling interviews;
Drafting of letters;
Employment 2-3 times a week for several hours ( out of office );

Promotion in social networks (SMM):

Fund Drive page in social networks «VKontakte », «Facebook», «Twitter»:
Regularly exercise promotion fund in social networks without a budget or with minimal budget. Have successful experience in similar work;
Employment partial ( out of office );

Coaches / psychologists to work with children:

Are you his business ?

Do you love what you do, and I enjoy working with children, teaching them and helping in discovering their potential?
Ready to providing education on one / several of the following areas:
assurance team , kindness , friendship , values, tsilepolohannya , negotiations , etc. (your proposal );
- Make-up , care for each other;

We invite you to join the » Good Garage «

Objective: Conduct sessions / trainings for children 5-16 years of social adaptation ;
Employment 1-2 times a month — a trip to the orphanage ;

Masters of Creativity :

You are a master of his art ( painting, sculpture, embroidery , burning , basket weaving , modeling , etc. )?
Do you enjoy what you do, and you’re ready to teach?
Are you willing to work with children and help them reveal their creative talents ?

We invite you to join prohramty » Good Garage «

Employment 1-2 times a month , a trip to the orphanage.

Masters of Yoga:

Programs for Children Yoga Yoga masters need of child care experience .

Volunteer for writing grant applications:

Who has the opportunity to set aside time for writing projects for grants and writing a report on the Trust Fund aid «Blagomay» from orphanages and centers settlers.
We are looking for good people with an active lifestyle who want to join us to help orphans and kiddies-displaced people. If you want to help orphans and kiddies area of ATO (IDPs), please contact us: +38 067 2159955, Tel. \ Fax: +38 044 300 12 58 or write info.charitymay@gmail.com
If you are so or you know someone who really wants to help, we are waiting for you!

Questions and offers :

tel. : +38 044 300 12 58

e-mail: info.charitymay @ gmail.com

To help work on the magazine Blahomay Magazine needs volunteers :

1. Journalists from experience ( for writing articles , interviews)
2. Photographers ( to provide interesting photos on the subject )
3. Designers ( to help work on the design , any fresh ideas are welcome author )
4. Those wishing to take up the popularization and advertising publications

All questions and suggestions write to Chief Editor Helen Kalenkoviy

e-mail: blagomaymagazine@gmail.com

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