VITAMINS project

Attention, Friends!

In anticipation of the upcoming cold winter, we pay more attention to our health and the health of our

children. Unfortunately children in orphanages don’t have the luxury of having care and attention and

taking care of their health has always remained a relevant issue. It’s good to know that a lot of people

are not indifferent to the situation and try to help kids. We decided to combine the efforts of people

who care, and organized targeted assistance to the orphanages, with the professional support of the

charity foundation "Blagomay". The foundation provided to orphanages in 6 regions of Ukraine and

addresses of family-type orphanages in Kiev region. We are asking individuals and large companies to

assist in purchasing Forever Kids vitamins to give to the orphanages and families with adopted children.

Holidays are coming, along with sweets and toys, which are sure to be plentiful; it is worthwhile thinking

about what else would be extremely useful. In this season vitamins are extremely important and are

absolutely necessary for the support of kid’s immune systems. Especially so, considering the fact that

children’s food leaves a lot to be desired, and in some cases it is a constant issue. The price of one

vitamin pack is 173UAH, which nowadays is less than the price of a high quality box of New Year’s

candies! When using the recommended daily dosage, one package of vitamins will last for three months.

We provide all the supporting documents, certificates, reports on the work done and "Blagomay"

foundation will be sure to cover all the events on social networks. Remember, even a small contribution

has a great significance. We will be grateful for your active participation!


PrivatBank card number for individuals:

5457 0824 5183 4605 Lupashko Y.S.

5168 7423 5002 7250 Miroshnik E.I

Current account for legal entities you can learn by tel .:

063 412 9889 Elena