Urgent needs of orphanages

We are grateful for any sum you are able to donate! 
If you want to transfer new things, clothes, technics, toys and so on to the Fund’s warehouse, we ask you kindly to inform us by email: info.charitymay@gmail.com    or call +38 044 300 12 58, +38 067 215 99 55


Crisis Center for Social Rehabilitation of Children «My Family» p. Khotov (Kyiv-Svyatoshinsky borough, G. Kiev — replacement of interroom metal-plastic doors (approximate budget 74630 UAH).

 «Boyar general boarding school I-II steps», Kyiv region, Kyiv-Svyatoshinsky borough, G. Boyarka — towels terry 84pcs. (13020 UAH); bed sets 80pcs (30320 UAH); shoes 84 pairs (34.275 rubles); sports suits 85 pcs. (46.990.00 UAH)

Special boarding school № 18 for children with hearing loss, Kiev — towels, terry 300 pcs. (44500 UAH); tulle 250 m. (27250 hrn.).

Rokytnyansky District Children’s Home «Cheburashka», village. Rokytnoye (Kyiv region) - shampoos; powder and soap — 1536.

Children’s social and rehabilitation center «Sunlight» (Trebukhov village, Brovarskiy rn) - dishes (cups, spoons, plates) -2265; hair iron — 700.

Regional specialized house of the child of the Zhytomyr Regional Council (Novograd - Volyn, Zhytomyr Region.) — washing machine 10 kg — 15403 UAH.

The municipal institution of the Kiev Regional Council «Kyiv Regional Center for Socio-Psychological Rehabilitation of Children» Obereg » Boguslav (Kiev region.) - bath towels 50pcs. (7750 UAH); dishes (7907 UAH); vacuum cleaner (7908 UAH)

Religious Community of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kyiv Patriarchate of the Transfiguration of the Lord in the city of. Kotsyubinskoe (Kiev region.) - winter jackets and winter footwear for the amount of 24407 UAH, school uniform for the amount of 7765 UAH.

Denisivsky children’s preschool house of the Zhytomyr Regional Council p. Densysh (Zhytomyr region.) - drying for stainless steel dishes 6 pcs; freezer; blankets of 30 pieces (are calculated); Footwear winter 34 pcs. (18320 UAH).