There are sun and summer outside. A lot of children come to their parents and ask for a new ball, tennis / badminton rockets or new training shoes.

Every loving parent would never reject chid’s request to buy some sport stuff.

But not every child have an opportunity to ask parents for a new ball. Some kids don’t have parents at all, or those, who just don’t have parental rights. Kids like that have just to stay and jealously watch those, who have all brand new things and gifts from their parents.

“SPORT-FOCUS» – is a charity program which is focused on a more global awareness and involvement of children into all kinds of sports, doing it on practice and hearing from the athletes, engrain habits of healthy way of living to children. Orphans living in orphanages should have a chance for balanced growth, cultural and recreational rest, sports. Orphanages do not have all facilities for organization of systematic work on increasing cultural level and formation of healthy way of living for its students, lack of sports equipment, and even more they have no opportunity to acquaint children with the athletes and adopt their experience.

Aim of the Program:: to help orphanages, family-type children’s homes, and socio-psychological rehabilitation centers for children in Ukraine in solving problems of the organization of cultural activities, sports and recreation for orphans, find volunteers and sponsors for their conduct.

The program is conducted in order to restore children’s health, make some training, become spiritually and physically stronger, and most importantly — not to walk the streets, not to smoke and not to drink, and to get rid of bad habits.

The program includes:

-          Visiting of sport events, such as football matches on the stadiums of the big cities (if it is possible taking personal part in match process), basketball competitions, bike-rides, sport tournaments of other kinds of sports, dance shows;

-          Educating children in orphanages of self-defense maneuvers, improving skills in tennis and ping-pong, roller skating and also conducting of workshops, school sports days and simultaneous competitions between orphanages;

-          meeting champions, prominent athletes, dancers, coaches;

-          conducting of fund-raising charity events/promotions for development of sport interest in children and also for purchase of sports equipment, sports transport, exercise equipment for orphanages;

-          fitting of gyms and spots grounds with necessary exercise equipment, stationary bikes, treadmills, weights, dumbbells, punching nags, basketball hoops, purchase of sports uniforms /accessories, purchase of trophies,

Program main objectives to form in children:

-          values towards nature care, people, health;

-          esthetic care towards the world around;

-          active life position;

-          physical culture, skills of healthy way of living;

-          forming of skills of healthy way of living in children with the help of health and fitness activity;

-          creation of conditions for children’s attraction towards systematic trainings.

-           popularization of different kinds of sport among citizens of Ukraine;

-          development and strengthening of friendly and sports connections between orphanages, sport clubs of different regions of Ukraine.

The program is designed not only to attract donations, we believe that the meetings with the champions will open for guys different world on the other side of the orphanage fence, the world of sports and dedicated people such as professional athletes and champions participating in workshops and meetings.

Program duration: long-term.

Currently during the summer, we are planning to purchase sports equipment for 16th orphanages. (More information about the orphanages here). 1 orphanage requires a minimum purchase of sports equipment in the amount of:

The list of esential sports equipment for every orphan house:

Children sport outerwear and equipment:

  1. - gym suit
  2. - sport shorts
  3. - T-shirts
  4. - vests
  5. - socks (approximately  UAH for 1)
  6. Children training shoes
  7.  - training shoes
  8.  - soft ballet dance shoes (approximately 80 UAH for 1)
  9. Sport equipment
  10. - skipping-ropes (approximately 13 UAH for 1)
  11. - hoops (approximately 28 UAH for 1)
  12. - footballs (approximately 94 UAH for 1)
  13. - skittles (approximately 65 UAH for 1)
  14. - gymnastic balls (approximately 233 UAH for 1)
  15. - horizontal bar (approximately 285 UAH for 1)
  16. - volleyballs (approximately 87 UAH for 1)
  17. - scooter (approximately 420 UAH for 1)
  18. - tennis balls (approximately 43 UAH for 1)
  19. - shuttlecocks (approximately 55 UAH for 1)
  20.  Outdoor sport equipment
  21.  - rolleblades (approximately 501 UAH for 1)
  22.  - badminton (approximately 149 UAH for 1)
  23. - tennis rockets (394,00 UAH) and balls (135 UAH) (approximate price for 1)
  24. Chess (370.00 UAH), checkers (30.00 UAH), backgammon (237.00 UAH), children educational games (Monapoly (75.00 UAH), Activity (274.00 UAH), UNO (95.00 UAH) etc.); Chopsticks (25.00 UAH). The stated price is approximate. The prices were taken from the websites stated below: (if you have other sorces with lower prices to share, you are very pleased)


If you want to get the whole set that is listed above, please specify the exact quantity because every orphan house has diffrent number of children that may change during the summer.

You can help us by:

- making a donation RIGHT NOW  throughtiPAY, PrivatBank, OTP Bank (partial or the whole sum) for sport equipment purchase

-   acquire sport equipment and send it directly to the orphan house using Nova Pochta by yourself

-   organise transportation from the Shop/ Fund office to the orphan house

-   share the information

-   organise joint charity collecting donations event with CF Blagomay

-   unite with yout friends, co-workers — collect the sport equipment, donations (the needed sum)

-   share a discount for sport equipment


We will be thankful for any help!!!

YOU can MAKE these KIDS HAPPY!!!

For all quastions or more information you can call or wright.

How to contact us:

office: 044 583 50 61

mobile: 067 215 99 55

email:  info.charitymay@gmail.com

skype: blagomay

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With thanks and respect,

«Blagomay» team