Solovieva Ekaterina Aleksandrovna

Qualification: psychiatric-consultant
Contact number: 0987314967;
Education: Kiev National Polytechnic University, physico-mathematic department, qualification: teacher of mathematics and physics 2002-2088 (degree: specialist). National Pedagogical University named by M.P. Drohomanov, Institute of Professional development and Advanced training, qualification: psychologist 2009 – 2011 (degree: specialist).Is a third-year student of therapeutic-pedagogical seminar, the last year of education. Qualification: therapeutic teacher. Founders, docents and professors are from therapeutic-pedagogical institute “Sonnendorf” in Switzerland.
Experience:Infant educational school №213 09.2008-06.2009 – kindergartener of integrated kindergarten senior group (project of center “mir Semii” (Family’s World).
Boarding school №26Special comprehensive boarding school for handicapped children and children with physical disadvantages.09.2009-06.2010 – teacher of music for 1-4 forms.
Non-governmental organization helping children with autism «Soniachne Kolo» (Sun Circle) («Malenkiy Prince» Little Prince)02.2008-04.2012 – host of musical lessons, guide teacher.
  • Child’s guidance during the lessons
  • Composing of musical-correction programs for groups of different age
  • Conducting of musical-correction lessons with pre-school aged children in groups and individually.
  • Conducting of musical-development trainings with organization’s teachers according to self-designed program

Non-governmental organization helping children with special «Centre of therapeutic pedagogic «Solnechnoe podvorie» (Sunny yard) (education based on therapeutic Waldorf pedagogic)09.2011-  teacher’s assistant in 2ndform.

  • Guide children during main and subject lessons, during breaks.
  • Conducts music lessons in 2nd form.
  • Individual lessons with children with special needs and disabled children.

Centre is current member of All-Ukrainian Non-Governmental Organization “Coalition of Protection Disabled people Protection and People with mental Disabilities” and member of International Conference of Therapeutic Pedagogic and Social Therapy under the jurisdiction of medical department of Highest Spiritual School  The Goetheanum (Switzerland / Basel-Landschaft / Arlesheim / Dornach SO)