EVENTS — April 2018

Action Plan for April


21/04/2018 — Trip of volunteers to the Children’s home «Snowdrop» with. Volchkov (Polessky district, Kiev region), Ukraine.

21/04/2018 — Trip of philanthropists to the Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation of Children No. 1, Kiev, Ukraine.

22/04/2018 — A trip of philanthropists to the Vyshhorod District Children’s Home «Lyubistok» with. New-Petrovtsy (Vyshgorodsky district, Kiev region), Ukraine.

26/04/2018 — Trip of volunteers to the Special Boarding School No. 18 for children with hearing loss, Kyiv, Ukraine.

28/04/2018 — Trip of volunteers to the Center for Socio-Psychological Rehabilitation of Children «Pereyaslav» p. Tsibli (Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky district, Kiev region), Ukraine.


With best regards,  CF Blahomay