Charity FundBlagomayprovides help to Children’s homes, orphanages, boarding schools, family type children’s homes, children’s centers of social-psychological rehabilitation which located on the territory of Ukraine.

Purpose of direction – provide help to children without chance for proper development and  enjoy the life and their social adaptation to real life in society.

Following institutions are in our ward:

Zaporozhye region

  1. «Melitopol regional center of social and psychological rehabilitation of children»
  2. Berdyansk sanatorium boarding secondary school of I-III degree of Zaporozhye Regional Council.
  3. Zaporozhe Regional Centre for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation
  4. Communal institution «Orekhovskiy regional center for social and psychological rehabilitation of children» of the Zaporozhye regional council, Orekhov, Zaporozhye region

Kiev region

  1. Kyiv M.M. Gorodetskiy City Orphanage, Vorzel (Kiev-Svyatoshenskiy region)
  2. “Nadezhda” Orphanage in Mokrets, Brovarskoy Region
  3. Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation of Children “PEREYASLAV”, Tsybli, (Pereyaslav-Khmelnitskiy District)
  4. Kiev Regional Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation of Children «Forest», p. Vovchkov, Polessky district
  5. Tripolskaya Orphan Middle School of I-II level, Tripolye (Obukhiv district)
  6. Children’s house “Lyubistok” (“Lovage”), Novye Petrovtsi (Vyshgorod district)
  7. Social and Psychological Rehabilitation Center “Zlahoda”, Bila Tserkov
  8. Children’s social and psychological rehabilitation centre, Kopylov (Makarov district)
  9. Children house “Cheburashka”, Rokitnoe (Bielotserkovsky district)
  10. “Nadezhda” Orphanage in Krivosheintsy, Scvirskiy Region
  11. Children’s social-rehabilitation centre «Sunlight» of vil. Trebukhov (Brovarskiy district)
  12. SOSH (Special general school-boarding school) No. 18 for children with reduced sense of hearing (hard-of-hearing), Troeshchina (Kiev
  13. A Family Type Orphanage of the Mishchenko Horokhuvatka (Kaharlytskii district)
  14. Specialized regional children’s home of Boiarka
  15. A Family Type Orphanage of the Yarovikh Brovary city
  16. Crisis Centre for Children’s Social Rehabilitation «Moya Rodyna» v. Hotov (Kievo-Svyatoshynskyi district)
  17. A Family Type Orphanage of the Fedoryak Uzin city
  18. Kyiv regional center of social and psychological rehabilitation of children «Oberig»
  19. Communal Establishment of the COR «Boyarsky Boarding School I-II steps»
  20. Communal establishment of Kyiv regional Council «Kyiv regional center of social – psychological rehabilitation of children «Uzyn»
  21. Family Type Children’s House of the Vovk family
  22. Kiev Regional Center for Socio-Psychological Rehabilitation of Children village Sezenkov «Rodina»
  23. Center of Social and Psychological Rehabilitation of Children No. 1, Child and Family Affairs Service, Executive agency of the Kyiv City Council (KMDA)
  24. Centre for Social Rehabilitation and Assistance by the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kyiv’s Patriarchate «Transfiguration of the Lord.»

Zhytomyr region

  1. Pugachev orphanage vil. Bereznevoe, Korostensky region
  2. Specialized Baby Orphanage of Zhitomir Regional Council for children with complications (Zhitomir region, Novhorod-Volyn)
  3. Denishi preschool home of Zhitomir Regional Council v. Denishi (Zhitomirskoy district)
  4. Communal educational institution «Korostyshevskaya special boarding school» KNS «Korostyshevskaya special boarding school» Zhytomyr regional council is based on the joint ownership of the territorial communities of the region and is managed by the Zhytomyr Regional Council.

Chernihiv region

  1. The children’s socio-psychological rehabilitation centre of Chernihov
  2. Children social-psychological rehabilitation centre of Nezhin
  3. Domestic-type orphanage of Ovcharuk family v. Pesky, Bobrovitsky district

Dnipropetrovsk region

  1. Communal Institution “Dnepropetrovsk care home” of Dnepropetrovsk Regional Council
  2. Communal facility «Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation of Children #1, the Krivoy Rog City, Council of the Dnipropetrovsk Region Public institution
  3. Makovetsky’ Children’s Community of Family Type, Dnepr, Tomakovka.

Donetsk region.

  1. Sanatorium and Recreation Centre for Social Rehabilitation «Smaragdove Misto» (Svyatogorsk)
  2. The Regional Youth Sports School for Child-Orphans and Children without Parental Care

Mykolaiv region

  1. Shevchenkivskaya boarding school of the I-II stages of the Vitovsky district of the Mykolaiv regional council.

Poltava region

  1. Gadyachsky Orphanage of the Poltava Regional Council.

Odessa region

  1. Center for Socio-Psychological Rehabilitation of Children of Belyaevsky District State Administration in Troitskoe village, Odessa Region

Sumskaya region

  1. Sumy Regional Children House
  3. Belopolskiy orphanage

Vinnytsia region

  1. The municipal institution «Vinnytsia Regional Children’s Home» Gnezdyško «, Vinnytsia Regional Council»

Khmelnitsky region

  1. Kamenetz-Podolsky special boarding school 1-2 level Khmelnitsky Regional Council.

Kharkiv region


Rivne region

  1. Municipal Establishment Educational and Rehabilitation Center of the Rivne Regional Council Location st. Olesya 16, Rivne

Kherson region

  1. The Center of Social and Psychological Rehabilitation for Children», village Stepanovka., Kherson (КЗ ХОР)
  2. ‘Oleshkovskoi Children’s Boarding School’, Aleshki (Kherson Regional Council Communal School)

Help for the elderly

  1. Tarashchanksii Home for the Elderly, Chernin, Tarashchanskii District, Kyiv Region


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