medical office

Today, as never before, the issue of arranging medical rooms in children’s homes in Ukraine is more relevant!

Blagomay Foundation received requests for the necessary equipment for arranging and disinfecting medical rooms.

The main queries are:

- bactericidal wall irradiators;

- bactericidal lamps;

- non-contact thermometers;

- quartz exposers;

- quartz lamps;

- otoscopes;

- manual breathing bags;

- heart rate monitors;

- quartz lamps for therapeutic and prophylactic UVS irradiation;

- tonometers;

- stacking containers for transportation and transfer of vials with biological solutions;

- devices for UHF therapy;

- stethoscopes;

- tripods for infusion;

and other necessary items for safe and comfortable examination, prevention and treatment of children.

Children in orphanages often have weakened immunity and chronic diseases, so it is so important today to create the safest conditions for them!


Let’s create these for them together!

How can one help?

- you can make donations and support the program in a convenient way on the BLOGOMAI Foundation website: