To provide free legal advice aid only for socially vulnerable people and low-income citizens in support of charity programs of the charity fund «Blagomay» — «legal clinic» provides legal assistance by Legal Company «LEX EXPERT GROUP”. The legal clinic consults in such fields of law as civil rights, housing, family, inheritance, labor, land, administration, and any other than criminal law.

Please note that if you do not belong to disadvantaged groups and low-income citizens you can be denied in legal aid.

For a free qualified consultation citizens must make a personal visit to the clinic only on every third Saturday of the month from 10.00 — 14.00. It is necessary to have the maximum set of copies of documents on a subject of interest.

Legal Clinic Address: Kiev , metro Poznyaki, 1, Sribnokilska street, of . 354 (2nd floor).

Pre-record for free assistance is accepted on: Tel. : +38 050 288 88 80, +38 044 229 88 07

e-mail: expertlex@i.ua, skype: expert-lex