Legal Clinic of the National Academy of Internal Affairs

                                                    Legal Clinic of the National Academy of Internal Affairs

Legal Clinic was established in 1999 as a division of the Kiev Institute of Law of Ukraine Ministry of Internal Affairs, which operates on a voluntary basis. Organization emerged on the initiative of cadets, young teachers and students of the institute.

It is mainly composed of students of senior courses of the department of public safety personnel. For better organization and coordination of the clinic, since the clinic foundation supervisions is led by staff members of the institute.

To assist in solving specific legal cases Rector’s Office has secured legal clinic with experienced teachers from leading departments of the institute.

Current main scope of work:

* Legal protection of the rights of citizens (more than 100 cases per year);

* Classes on the law education using interactive technologies;

* Research analytics and proposals development for improvement of legislation and legal practice (there are opportunities and achievements);

* Educational and teaching work (for the last 5 years has conducted more than 30 interacademic conferences, workshops and seminars for the public sector, more than 100 roundtables for MIA practitioners with different legal subjects);

* Preparation of legal publications printing (over 15 textbooks and study guides with total editions of more than 8000 copies).

Specialization and consultation:

* Legal advise to all segments of the population (legal advice, drafting of procedural and other documents);

* The provision of legal assistance in the area of health law;

* The provision of legal assistance to convicts;

* The provision of legal aid in criminal law and criminal enforcement areas;

* Legal assistance to victims of family violence;

* Counseling in cases against xenophobia.

* Representing the interests of the citizens in the courts IS NOT CONDUCTED.

Address (location): 02121. Kiev, 4, Kollektornaya street,

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It is necessary to have the maximum set of copies of documents on a subject of interest.

Welcome customers on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 15 to 18 hours (pre-registration by phone 044 561-18-71)