Legal Clinic «Fenix» (“Phoenix”)

Kyiv University of Law of NAS of Ukraine

Legal Clinic “Fenix” («Phoenix») is a subdivision of the Kyiv University of Law, a leading institution of higher education that prepares highly qualified lawyers with deep theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

The main areas of work of the clinic, “Fenix” («Phoenix») is provision of free legal assistance to low-income individuals who do not have the opportunity to defend their rights themselves or ask for paid legal assistance and the implementation of legal education of the population. Consultants of the legal clinic Fenix” («Phoenix») advise on the protection of constitutional rights and freedoms, civil, labor, agriculture, housing, land, family law, international law and social security law, legal regulation of business activities carried out by low-income segments of the population, the protection of the rights of youth and minors.

Consultants of legal clinic Fenix” («Phoenix») are senior students of the Kyiv University of Law of the NAS of Ukraine. Legal aid is provided by leading faculty of the Kyiv University of Law.

Reception of citizens is carried out on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, from 11 am to 1 pm, in the building of the Kyiv University of Law NAS at: 03142, Kyiv, 7A Academica Dobrokhotova street, office. 106.

From 14th of February 2013, together with the citizens’ reception at 7A Dobrokhotova street citizens are also welcome at the address: 55/57 Vladimirskaya street, (metro station Teatralinaya), on Wednesday and Thursday, from 10.00 to 12.00 hours.

Contact phone to record first consultation and obtaining other information: 424-13-79, 424-33-35.

Contact information:

Address (location): 03142, Kyiv,

7A, Dobrokhotova street;

55/57, Vladimirskaya street

E-mail addresses:

It is necessary to have the maximum set of copies of documents on a subject of interest.